Saturday, April 16, 2011

They Love Me/ They Love Me Not

"They do not love that do not show their love." - William Shakespeare

That solves that mystery, does it not?

How many times I've put my efforts into those that are a puzzle to they or don't they?

It stands to reason that if I have to ask the question...I already have my answer.

I have wasted so much time on those whose ill opinions of me will never falter, and never change. Far, far too much.

It's the season to put my energies into places where they can do the most good. That's a part of respecting and loving myself. Why beat my head against a brick wall, hoping for a door to appear, when I could simply just....find a door? (This is an idea borrowed from Coco Chanel).

Others would absorb our attention and affection it like a dry sponge. Why not go find them?

We have something to offer that is precious...our love, which we should place in a sacred spot, not where it will get trampled on and disregarded. When we make that shift, we can focus on those who need us the most.

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