Thursday, January 17, 2013

Don't Tell Me You Didn't See This Coming: The Whaaaaaa Post

I just don't wanna today.

I'm well past the age to be throwing tantrums or start whining, but indulge me, will ya?

I'm what you might call a responsible adult. I try very hard to get things done, meet deadlines, and not let anyone down. When I'm bone tired, I still make the inhabitants of my household some sort of a dinner.

Being self-employed, some days I'll push myself to work for 15 hours, with very few breaks. I like being the 'golden child' of content writing. If someone needs something ASAP, I can usually crank some wording out.

But today....?

Today I'm tapped out. Today I want to curl up with a plushy blanket, get into my purple monkey onesy pajamas (with the monkey faces on the feet, complete with ears), lay my head on a fluffy pillow and revisit ZZZLand. I don't want to think, I don't want to fret, I don't even want to dream, since I've got too many thoughts in my head right now, with no room for more.

Hide, hide, hide, that's what I want to do. Two emails saying someone wants to see content revisions. A phone call with a problem. Is it any wonder I'm not feeling at all social today? Whatever happened to surprise flowers, or a call passing on something hilarious that just happened? Since when did I become a robot, or negativity sponge?

I'm sorry, world, and I'm sure there will be consequences, but today...I just can't. Picky people...go stand in the corner. Naysayers? Outta my way. Complainers? Let me show you a little trick that involves a cork.

Today, I just want my pillow, blankie, jammies, and possibly my thumb to suck on.

I'm only dreaming, of course, but the possibility of a Me Day coming up soon is running really, really high.

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