Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Encounter With A Leprechaun

(A post from a couple of years ago, unearthed).

Saturday is our grocery shopping day.

Last Saturday we had the Bonus Grandkiddies and Sis with us, so there was a Party of Five. Two shopping carts. Sis pushed one, Husband pushed the other, and I was an independent agent. Not a bad deal.

I parted with the group to dive down the crowded bread aisle. About halfway down, I saw a little old lady that looked...I'm not kidding... like an elf. Red hair, pale skin, almond eyes behind thick glasses. Given that it was closer to St. Patrick's day, she may have even been a Leprechaun (do they come in the female version?...of this, I am uneducated...). She suddenly hollered to the tall man standing nearest the shelf.

"Hey, YOU! Right behind you is the dark rye! Grab that for me, wouldja?"

He did.

Then she said, "Thanks.......I'll pay ya back in Heaven!"

He said he'd see her there.

She said, "All righty, I'll be waitin' for ya! I'll meet ya right there at the pearly gates!"

They laughed and parted ways. I was still grinning. I couldn't help but turn around to face her, telling her that this was one of the cutest things I'd heard yet.

"Well, @#$%!" she exclaimed, surprising me with a rather boisterous oath, "I'm four-foot-ten! I've had to learn to boss people around!"

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