Friday, March 16, 2012

What's Your 'Why'?

I've been reading 'The Barefoot Executive' by Carrie Wilkerson. In it, she says, "The 'why' of what you do should make you cry."

Here is my why:

Why is it vital for me to help others feel important? Because I grew up grounded to a bedroom without windows for months on end, and once was even locked in an outside doghouse on an icy cold winter's day until long after sundown. I wasn't allowed to speak my mind or, often, to even defend myself or my loved ones. I felt invisible, unimportant, and alone countless times.

It took years to realize that the message 'you're nothing'
was a big lie, told by people who didn't feel solid about themselves.
Certain situations might momentarily trigger those feelings once again, but they're short-lived.

If there is anything within my power to do to help those around me feel visible, important, and above all vital, I am going to do it. Through my speech, through my writing... using whatever means I have.

No one is going to feel insignificant on my watch. Everyone I've ever encountered is a celebrity and incredible person in their own right. My 'why' is to make sure they know and never forget it. And, if they do, I'll remind them.

That's my big 'why'.

What's yours?

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