Monday, December 3, 2012

Merry (Dragon?) Christmas!

"I just love this drawing you did when you were little," I told my son Jared as I hung the Christmas artwork I'd hung every year since he'd given it to me at age six. "Such a cute decorated tree..."

Jared, now an adult, said, "Tree?" and began to laugh, "That's a dragon!"

I said, "Dragon? What are you talking about, I thought it was a tree. I've hung this every year around Christmas time!"

He then showed me the lake of fire beneath the dragon, (I thought that was an accompanying orange tree, complete with decorations) and the fire shooting from the green dragon's mouth. (I thought it was a tree that was curiously surrounded by orange and rather artistic yellow ornaments.)

"Yeah, I always wondered why you hung that up," said Jared. This was followed by raucous laughter from both sons as they mocked me to great and (I thought) unnecessary extent.

Merry Dragon Christmas.

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