Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Real Message

He walked into the chapel

Ebony among so much ivory

He sat alone, and that bothered me

I was getting ready to suggest

that my husband leave our family

to befriend this man sitting alone.

The congregation prayed together.

When I opened my eyes, a tiny towhead

had made his way to our new friend's row

and greeted him

far better than any of us could have.

The little boy reached for his face, wanting to touch

and be touched by this man

Who turned back to the toddler's mother as if to say

"Is this okay?"

Then scooped him up and had a buddy for the rest of the service.

There they sat

Dark and light

Old and young

Unaware of any differences,

One because of his innocence; the other because of his wisdom.

I did not hear one word the pastor said; the real message was

right before my eyes,

impossible to ignore.

Amy Larson

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